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How to solve the shrinkage phenomenon of nail polish?

Many people who do nail art, whether they are nail technicians or nail art enthusiasts, have encountered the situation of nail polish shrinkage, which is a very headache for people.

This is a very painful problem. It is obviously done according to the normal process, but why is there a shrinkage situation?

1. What is shrinkage?

Shrinkage refers to the shrinkage of nail polish on the nail surface after lighting. Sometimes it shrinks to the center of the nail and sometimes it shrinks to a different place, forming a honeycomb of holes on the nail surface.

2. nail polish and shrinkage phenomenon

The main components of nail polish are zwitterion and active thinner. (Active thinners have the property of shrinking when curing.) It has been found that the volume shrinkage of light-cured UV glues increases with the amount of zwitterion and the functional degree of active thinners (i.e., the number of functional groups involved in the condensation reaction).

In fact, all nail polishes have some degree of shrinkage, only some are mild and some are severe. When the nail polish contains more zwitterion and active thinner, the more substances involved in the condensation reaction, the higher the shrinkage rate will be. That is, there is a positive relationship between them.

3. reasons for shrinkage

A. Product’s own reason

If there is no operational problem, and the nail technician in the store reflects that the same product has shrinkage, then the biggest possibility is that the nail polish itself has problems. If the shrinkage occurs in all colors of the same nail polish brand, there is no doubt that this brand of nail polish must be unsuitable and the quality is not qualified.

If the same brand of nail polish, only the dark nail polish has a slight shrinkage phenomenon, but the light nail polish does not have this problem, then it is justifiable.

Compared to light colored nail polish, dark colored nail polish is more likely to shrink, especially black. Many brands of black nail polish will more or less shrink, this kind of nail polish in operation as long as a small amount of thin coating, repeated several times to improve the maximum shrinkage situation.

B, operation level reasons

(1) nail polish applied too much too thick

Base glue is too much, nail polish is difficult to evenly attached to the nail surface

Solution: Apply a small amount of nail polish thinly and brush it twice.

(2) Sanding is not in place

When sanding, only focus on the highest arch of the nail surface, ignore both sides of the nail groove and the back edge of the nail. The nail surface is too smooth and the adhesion becomes smaller.

Solution: Pay attention to all corners of the nail surface and polish patiently and carefully.

(3) Inadequate cleaning

If the nail surface is not cleaned thoroughly, the residual oil may not be able to hang on the glue, or after applying the base coat, the base coat cannot be evenly attached to the nail surface.

Solution: Clean the whole nail surface carefully and meticulously.

(4) Grease

Sometimes the nail surface is cleaned, but outside grease may stick to the nail surface.

Solution: After cleaning the nail, pay attention to protect the nail surface clean.

C, the use of tools problem

Nail lamp aging will also cause shrinkage, nail therapy lamp used for a long time, some lamp beads aging caused by the power of the light therapy lamp is not enough to cure the function of nail polish gel will gradually become weaker. It will not dry or dry unevenly, dry uneven speed will cause shrinkage, nail salon can regularly replace the lamp to avoid this kind of situation.

D, the guest’s own problems

Some people’s own oil secretion is more vigorous, the nail surface will also be left with a lot of oil, it is not so easy to remove. If there is oil on the nail surface, it is difficult for the base gel to adhere evenly on the nail surface, and it is easy to shrink the gel. For this type of customers, the nail technician must carefully remove the oil from the nail surface, and also be careful not to let the customer touch the cleaned nail surface.


In addition to these common and easy to solve problems, what other tips can avoid the problem of shrinking glue?

1, shorten the nail polish stay flat time

Two fingers a coating, carry on the light, left and right hand forked to apply, so that not only protect to avoid the problem of nail polish shrinkage, but also improve the efficiency of application.

2. When taking bottled nail polish, filter out the excess nail polish on the brush bar.

When you take the bottled nail polish, you should control not only the amount of glue on the brush, but also the glue on the brush bar. After opening the bottle cap, put the brush bar against the bottle spout and remove the brush by rotating it so that the spout filters out the excess nail polish on top of the brush bar.

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